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FIFA World Cup 2018 New Rules Announced: All You Need to Know

The FIFA world cup 2018 is going to be held in Russia. Russia has proved they are designed for hosting spectacular events before. They are able to sponsor the FIFA 2018 and you can enjoy the matches on the calendar month of June-July 2018. Even the FIFA World Cup 2018 is going to be quite a more remarkable occasion of this past year. You may see your favorite players scoring inside this spectacular tournament. It’s clear you may not afford any game without a group of policies. As with other games, FIFA has its own FIFA world cup 2018 brand new policies. They ought to be followed to make this expansive event successful. People comply with their favorite people and relish the matches.

A total of 32 teams are selected for the entire tournament and these teams had followed all the guidelines properly. These rules are made according to the convenience of the teams so that they will play a fair game. You can also book the FIFA World Cup 2018 tickets of your favorite matches.

FIFA World Cup 2018 New Rules Announced

FIFA Rules and Regulations Of Football

The Goal-Line Technology

In this, if the ball crosses the goal line, then the watch of the world cup 2018 referees gives a vibrate motion, and a goal is declared. 12 cameras are installed all over around the stadium known as the hawk-eye, and both goalposts are covered to successfully implement and the use of this technology. It is an excellent rule since it helps the match officials to take correct decisions and avoid any controversy regarding any goal like has happened multiple times in the past.

FIFA World Cup 2018 New Rules Announced: All You Need to Know

FIFA World Cup 2018 New Rules Announced: All You Need to Know

The VAR (Video Assistant Referees)

One of the FIFA Worldcup 2018 New Guidelines Is How VAR refers to the Video Assistant Referees. A team of referees is sitting in the background in the stadium watch via high definition cameras about all the goals that happen to be. Through the cameras, they decide whether the goal is to be or to not be.
In this, the old field referee is permitted to block the game anytime and ask for a movie game of any occasion. After seeing the game, the referee can take the right decision as per the principles of the match guidelines. This really is a great rule and will help improve the game and the conclusions that a ton. A whole great deal of erroneously given punishment decisions and other match related decisions can be made better through it and thus further controversy might be performed with.

FIFA World Cup 2018 New Rules Announced: All You Need to Know

FIFA World Cup 2018 New Rules Announced: All You Need to Know

The Use Of Magic Spray

The Spray is referred to as ‘MAGIC SPRAY’ because it is temporary. How so? Let me tell you. The use of this spray in the FIFA world cup match is to draw a line between the player team for the free-kick session. The line is drawn at an appropriate distance from the point of the free kick. The point why it is called the magic spray is that it vanishes after a particular time and the match continues, as this is also a part of new FIFA world cup rules.

FIFA World Cup 2018 New Rules Announced: All You Need to Know

FIFA World Cup 2018 New Rules Announced: All You Need to Know



So these are the FIFA world cup 2018 New rules which have been made for the Football World Cup 2018 coming forward. These can improve the game together with the grade of the decisions taken throughout this game. These will aid in cutting. These changes improve the game and are all welcome. Why don’t we today just await the beginning of the World Cup next year so as to see these changes will undoubtedly be implemented. Most of us hope these new rules are powerful and also make the FIFA world cup 2018 a very successful event.

You can further look for FIFA world cup 2018 qualifiers for qualifying regulations.

FIFA World Cup 2018 New Rules Announced: Full Details
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FIFA World Cup 2018 New Rules Announced: Full Details
About The New Details of FIFA world cup 2018, all the new details have been announced. You must want to see the World cup 2018 new rules about the VAR, Magic Spray, And Hawk Eye Goal-Line Technology.

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